Overlord, Vol. 06: The Men of the Kingdom Part II

Overlord, Vol. 06: The Men of the Kingdom Part II Book Cover Overlord, Vol. 06: The Men of the Kingdom Part II
Kugane Maruyama
Light Novel
Yen On
January 30, 2018 (English); January 31, 2014 (Japanese)

The underground organization known as Eight Fingers and their strongest fighters, the Six Arms, make their move. Blue Rose, the adamantite-rank group of adventurers led by Lakyus, prepares to take them on. As the knights head to the front lines to protect the princess, the mysterious demon Jaldabaoth lurks in the chaos of this critical battle, and the capital descends into an uproar swathed in crimson flames.


Note: This review will assume you are caught up on the previous Overlord novels.

The Men of the Kingdom, Part II is where things start to pick up again in Overlord. After the slower pacing of Vol. 4 and Vol. 5, this book probably has more action than the two combined. From how the last book mainly followed Sebas and this is Part II, initially it seemed like that would continue. However, more of the cast is involved this time around as the story starts to circle back onto Ainz. Not fully, but it is nice to see the main character in the spotlight again after two books with him mostly in the background.

The events of the previous novel are wrapped up nicely here. The little loose threads are sewn up and we get a nice conclusion for Sebas’ character development arc. It seems like all the Guardians (and those of similar status, i.e. Sebas) are getting at least one story where they feature and get to grow. This is fantastic as a lot of similar stories would make them two-dimensional and have them sit by the wayside.

Partway through the story shifts from wrapping up Vol. 5 to getting the stage set for future books. This is where we start to get development for other characters. Namely we are treated to a fight featuring one of the Pleiades battle maids, Entoma. This is one of the few real fights we have had in the series and the first since Ainz fought Shalltear in Vol. 3. We also get to see Ainz fighting much more hardcore in his Momon guise than ever before. And of course, there are the many scenes featuring Demiurge. Without spoiling anything, let’s just say he is a demon in every sense of the word.

While all the action was great, the change of pace was a little sudden. Since Volumes 4 & 5 (and part of this book) were on the slower side, the faster pace comes a bit out of left field. Because there are multiple fight sequences, none of them felt as detailed as they could have been. Granted these are light novels and that presents something of a problem with the page limit. But for a fantasy book (and even compared to Vol. 3) the amount of detail felt lacking during the battles. Maybe that was more an effect of the translation to English; I did spot multiple grammar errors in my copy, so the translation was not perfect. Nonetheless, things picked back up enough to make the book very enjoyable and leave readers looking forward to Vol. 7.

March 18, 2018

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