The Kaiju Survival Guide

The Kaiju Survival Guide Book Cover The Kaiju Survival Guide
Wes Parker
Wes Parker
May 11, 2018

The Kaiju Survival Guide is your only option when it comes to preparing for a giant monster attack. Developed by members of the Kaiju Research and Survival Department (KRSD), this illustrated guide is the number one Kaiju resource in the world. Inside you will find all there is to know about these behemoths, including:

• Origins, biology, abilities, and most importantly weaknesses
• The classification system used by scientists to identify the most dangerous Kaiju
• Military support; such as firepower, vehicles, and even giant robots
• Proven survivalist tactics to use when they attack
• Living off the land, how to survive in a Kaiju filled world when all else fails

This text also features first-hand accounts from survivors of almost every recorded attack since the 1930s. Hear their stories and learn from their experiences, so that you and your loved ones survive the Kaiju menace!


The Kaiju Survival Guide seems pretty heavily influenced by The Zombie Survival Guide with a dash of World War Z. In that sense, the book is a bit more down-to-earth than the average kaiju film. As opposed to “the only thing that can beat a giant monster is another giant monster (or robot)” rule, The Kaiju Survival Guide tackles what we would do if this actually happened. A real-life military response, as opposed to a convenient plot device, as well as how civilians can survive. These matter-of-fact sections are also broken up with survivor stories from in-universe kaiju encounters.

The term “kaiju” is used a little loosely in this book. Instead of focusing exclusively on giant, Godzilla-sized creatures, the book covers various categories of monsters. These classifications are based on size as well as physical abilities. Monsters can range from something the size of a moose to building crushing behemoths. The Survival Guide advises that smaller creatures can be defeated by local militia while bigger targets are a military matter. There is a good amount of thought put into these tips, from detailed suggestions on finding weaknesses to simple tips like “aim for the eyes”.

Since many monsters require military-grade weaponry to destroy, parts of this book read like a regular survival guide. The Kaiju Survival Guide treats kaiju like a force of nature, so surviving one is treated similarly to surviving something like a tornado or earthquake. There is general useful information in here like getting a survival kit together. Survival tips vary depending on what type of monster you are dealing with. For huge kaiju, you hope you are not in its direct path and get out while you can. In other scenarios, you might have to fight your way past smaller monsters.

There are a lot of allusions to famous monster movies in The Kaiju Survival Guide. The “first contact” incident, for example, is a homage to the original King Kong film. Another parodies the film Them! And the frequently mentioned “worst-case scenario” monster attack is clearly a Godzilla reference. Other sections were either unique or I have not seen the films they were referring to. All in all, The Kaiju Survival Guide is excellent for any fan of monster movies. Finding another book that can keep pace with How To Survive a Sharknado was a surprise, but a pleasant one.

September 23, 2018

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