The Rising of the Shield Hero, Volume 6

The Rising of the Shield Hero, Volume 6 Book Cover The Rising of the Shield Hero, Volume 6
The Rising of the Shield Hero
Aneko Yusagi
Light Novel
Yen On
November 22, 2016 (English) | June 25, 2014 (Japanese)

After their battle with Glass, Naofumi and his friends work to revitalize the Cal Mira islands before returning to the castle. On the ship back to Melromarc, they meet a young girl named Rishia, who claims to have been tricked and abandoned by her companions. Naofumi, sympathizing with her fate, agrees to listen to her story, and she joins the party. Eventually, Naofumi discovers that she has a talent for transformation magic, but before they can discuss it, someone comes running to beg the heroes for assistance. A monster wearing something like a turtle shell needs to be chased off. The monster is so powerful that even the mightiest adventurers cannot defeat him so what hope is there for Naofumi? Those answers and more in volume 6 as the epic fantasy continues!


Rising of the Shield Hero Volume 6 picks up not too far from where Volume 5 left off. Everyone is licking their wounds after the last big battle and planning their next moves. Kind of. As per usual, the other three heroes are still treating this whole thing like a video game and being jerkasses. And for those of you who watched the anime, Volume 6 is right after season 1 ends. Presumably, season 2 will cover Volumes 6-10 since season 1 did Volumes 1-5 but at the time of this writing, they don’t even have a release date announced yet.

Now, Volume 6 covers two different story arcs. For the first 60% or so of the book, we wrap up the previous arc with little hints about the next one being dropped. This mainly involves a training montage, with Naofumi and the Queen both aware of how grossly underprepared everyone is. This is the more easygoing part of the book, giving Aneko Yusagi more time for world-building, character development, and all that good stuff. Plus, a convenient way to explain why the characters are suddenly a lot stronger in the next fight. And I will take that over some “power of friendship” deus ex machina any day.

The second act is where we get to the good stuff, the next story arc. You better believe that training montage is going to pay off here. The opening arc bleeds into this new one and once the next arc starts, the characters slowly figure out what the new threat is. Until it culminates into a massive, epic battle of survival against a horde of monsters, naturally. It all makes Volume 6 very balanced; first, we get the “normal life” stuff, then we get the big battle.

I would say the biggest pro of this book is the characters, both new and old. We get a few new people like Éclair who are just awesome. And our existing characters get further development too, from massive levels of development like Rishia to the gradual development Naofumi picks up with each new volume. The downside of Volume 6 is that nothing really gets resolved. The opening arc has no real stakes and the new arc is set to continue in the next book. We’ll see what happens next there.

September 13, 2020

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