Dragons: A Fantasy Made Real (The Last Dragon)

Dragons: A Fantasy Made Real

What if dragons actually existed?

20041 h 39 min

"Dragon's World: A Fantasy Made Real" is a nature mockumentary about a British scientific team that attempts to understand the unique the incredible beasts that have fascinated people for ages. CGI is used to create the dragons.

Director Justin Hardy
Runtime 1 h 39 min
Release Date 1 December 2004
Movie Media DVD
Movie Status Available
Movie Rating Good

Dragons: A Fantasy Made Real (also titled The Last Dragon and Dragon’s World) explores a “what if” scenario. What if dragons had been real? In this docufiction, the frozen remains of dragons are found and an aspiring young scientist strives to prove their existence. Naturally, he is met with skepticism by his peers but remains resolute despite that. The bulk of the film uses CGI scenes for flashbacks, showing the evolution of dragons over millions of years. The entire “documentary” feels very real with only a small disclaimer at the beginning pointing out that it is fiction.

The first flashback sequence takes place in the Cretaceous, with a one-on-one between a dragon and a T. Rex. These scenes flow into following a juvenile dragon as he learns to fly, hunt, claim territory, and mate. Each of these sequences bounces back and forth between the modern scientists, providing explanations on the dragon biology and behavior. Then we skip ahead to after the KT extinction, where dragons must survive during the growing reign of mammals. Dragons, like other animals, became smaller and thus their tactics evolved, becoming more focused on stealth and subterfuge than power. From this point on, the flashbacks and modern day parts of the story intercede.

Our scientist team finds the frozen corpses of dragons in Romania’s mountains and the flashbacks tell their story. As humans began to spread out and domesticate animals, dragons were forced to harsher regions. This meant fewer chances of being hunted down by people but also increased the odds of starvation. In this final segment, we also glimpse dragon mating rituals and the upbringing of their young. Ultimately man and dragon clash, with obvious violent results considering there are no more dragons.

This film was very well put together, being made by the same effects company that produced Walking with Dinosaurs. For a 13-year-old fake documentary, the special effects were pretty good. You should not expect it to be on par with Dragonheart or Reign of Fire, but it is not bad. Despite being more worthy of Syfy Channel, this was made by Animal Planet. Heck, they even got Patrick Stewart to voice their narrator. There was real effort put into Dragons: A Fantasy Made Real and it shows. This easily could have been a “for fun, just for kids” thing and it was not. That does not mean it should be taken completely seriously, but anyone with a love of fantasy can enjoy this film.

September 24, 2017

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