Lindsey Stirling: Brave Enough

Lindsey Stirling: Brave Enough

Her Story. Her Stage.

20171 h 15 min

Beginning on the eve of her thirtieth birthday, “Brave Enough,” documents violinist Lindsey Stirling over the past year as she comes to terms with the most challenging & traumatic events of her life. Through her art, she seeks to share a message of hope and courage and yet she must ask herself the question, “Am I Brave Enough?” Capturing her personal obstacles and breakthrough moments during the “Brave Enough,” tour, the film presents an intimate look at this one-of- a-kind artist and her spectacular live performances inspired by real-life heartbreak, joy, and love.

Runtime 1 h 15 min
Release Date 17 May 2017
Movie Media Other
Movie Status Available
Movie Rating Excellent

Brave Enough depicts the self-made career of the electro dancing violinist Lindsey Stirling. Whereas her book, The Only Pirate at the Party, was more about Lindsey’s childhood and how she got to where she is, Brave Enough focuses more on Lindsey today. The movie is a bit easier to understand if you already know a bit about her; there is only so much you can fit into a 70-minute film. Even if you go into this film blind, it is still a phenomenal story. The way that Lindsey has built herself up, how she always gets back up no matter how many times she falls down, is truly inspiring.

In her career, Lindsey has risked everything to succeed more than once. She played violin from the age of six and tried to find her way with general music. But when classical, country, and everything else did not work, she invented her own style. As a modern star, she was able to more or less make herself thanks to the digital age. Once her videos were on YouTube they went viral and started drawing a lot of attention. This, following her quarterfinalist status on America’s Got Talent, really threw her into the limelight.

But this was not an easy journey for her; she did not win America’s Got Talent and that devastated her at the time. You have to remember that she is a young woman and was even younger (23) when all this started. Throughout her musical career, and her life in general, she has had her share of hardship. She has battled against anorexia as well as the loss of her best friend and the loss of her father. Brave Enough shows there are days where Lindsey seems at a point where most other people would break, but she keeps going.

Throughout the film, Lindsey says that she is not a naturally brave person. The way she behaves is not instinct; it is how she has shaped herself. That resolve coupled with the help of her family and friends has helped her overcome every obstacle. She has transformed from a girl who looked lost and broken to a woman who is living her dreams. Life is not something that plays out perfectly but she has played it as masterfully as she plays the violin. As Lindsey herself puts it, “We can’t block ourselves from emotion. If you numb the bad, you numb the good.” She has followed that philosophy through and through because she has found the strength to be Brave Enough.

May 28, 2017

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