The Quick and the Dead

The Quick and the Dead

Think you are quick enough?

19951 h 47 min

I watched The Quick and the Dead for no other reason than Bruce Campbell was on the cast list. Turns out his scenes all got cut, but this was still a pretty good western nonetheless. It’s a pretty classic revenge story, especially for a western setting. A small town ruled by a corrupt man and his gang of thugs. And one of the many people he’s wronged coming for him. The subversion mainly being that the protagonist is a woman instead of a man like usual. But what really makes it all work is that this movie knows it’s a western.

The Quick and the Dead came out in 1995. People were kind of done with westerns as a genre by that point. Audiences knew all the tropes; if you’ve seen one western, you know what to expect from the next one. And the film is very self-aware of this. Name a western trope and this movie has it. A quickdraw competition, the big showdown at high noon, shooting the rope to stop a hanging, and so on. It’s all played pretty over the top, which makes sense because Sam Raimi was directing. Nothing’s quite as ridiculous as Army of Darkness, but it skirts that line a little.

And this movie is filled with 90s stars. Sharon Stone, Gene Hackman, Russell Crowe, and many more. Including Keith David; I’ll watch anything with Keith David in it. Again, the reason I picked up this film is because I’ll watch anything with Bruce Campbell in it too. And several other actors; I have a list. Anyway, The Quick and the Dead is a solid western. I would say that this shouldn’t be your first western. Go watch a few things like Tombstone and Django first and you’ll appreciate everything this movie does a lot more.

June 27, 2021

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